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Friday, October 8, 2010

Down Time

Harvey is currently fixing and making my Jeep drivable. The whoe front end needed to be replaced. It was so bad that when we hit a bump the whole front end would shake and we would have to pull over and stop in order for the shaking to stop. So today Kadyn and I are sitting around the house enjoying a break before the rush of next week comes. Thursday Harvey leaves again. There are going to be tears, sad ones and happy ones. I don't want this time to end yet I do so we can get this deployment done and over with. He only has until Feb or March so not much longer. It will go by quickly. A lot of things are starting to look up now. I am getting more help now from the state for Kadyn! This is helping a lot so Harvey and I can get our house when he returns home. Things are going to be awesome when this deployment is over.

Also my wallet was found and the person is mailing it to me. Bless their heart! So today is just a lazy day. Kadyn isn't feeling very good. He is running a slight fever 99.8. It's not high enough to worry but high enough to think he is coming down with something. Yesterday was a bad day for him. He was crying a lot and just miserable. Today is different. He is happy and playing and being such an angel. I am trying to avoid wanting to take him to the hospital while his daddy is here, so I am glad he is feeling better today.