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Friday, October 8, 2010

5 Months Seizure Free


How Kadyn became seizure free in my opinon?

I took his off all that garbage medication. Did you know that Keppra can actually cause seizures, and they have done little studies on the affects on children. Also all the medications Kadyn was one counter acted each other which cause his body to have seizures. I really think they should just do away with medicatoins. Ketogenic diet has worked wonders in Kadyn's body. Although we went through a painful few months getting the medication out of his body, it was worth it. Now Kadyn has been 5 months no seizures. Kadyn is happier, and more alert. He is learning more words and he is not as loopy, or out of it. The reason why Kadyn went through those months of sleeping. Kadyn was on 4 medications and the dosages with toxic. I was poisoning my son. That hurts me so much to know that I was giving Kadyn medications that was hurting him and not helping. NO seizure medication has ever worked for him. They slowly made his worse. I am just glad that I made the desicion to stop them. This was hard one to make. Kadyn's been on medication his whole life. The ups and downs of this battle of the seizures have worn us down, but more importantly it has set Kadyn back even farther than he already was.

So now instead of dwelling on how bad our past was, it's time to move on and think about his future. Therapies, new doctors and new life for him. Everything brand new. Therapy at Children's and the possibility of actually switching hospitals in his futures. Things are going to get better. Kadyn will hold his head up, and sit up and learn to walk. He maybe a lot behind most other children but he will get there. I won't settle for anything less than the best for Kadyn. All this time I let the doctors make all the desicions, but not anymore. If I don't agree it doesn't happen. There is not anything the Neurologist can say or do to me that will get my son put back on medication. I don't care. I will not put him on medication for seizures anymore. God will heal Kadyn and that is all we need!