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Saturday, November 6, 2010

So wonderful!

Life is this. It's wonderful. I couldn't be happier, actually I take that back yes I could. Harvey could be here, but he is not so I am making the best of it. Kadyn's seizure Monday led to many positive things. That is kind of hard to believe isn't it? Well, when we went in the registration person said that his insurance was not active nor pending. I freaked out and about had a panic attack. Then she said that she would send in the MIChild Representative in. Whew, so Kadyn now has MIChild insurance and he has Health Kids Insurance. He aslo is going to get his Children's Special Health Care Services Insurance Reenstated. Thank goodness. So I was able to take his Rectal Tylenol Script to the pharmacy today. Although they told me they had it in stock and it would be ready in a 1/2 an hour it wasn't and he won't be getting that until Monday which thankfully I have some left over to were I don't need it right away. It's just hard because when the weather is bad he really needs it through out the day or he is in pain.

Yesterday was our support group meeting and it was amazing. There were so many new children and adults and their families there. It is wonderful to be in a room full of people who understand and know what you are going through. It was wonderful, Especially when the children want to play with the others. It makes me happy.

Kadyn has been doing good since Monday's events. He has been happy, and just playful. He smies and talks and moves nad is just doing great. The siezure didn't seem to take too much out of him thank goodness.

Who is ready for Christmas?? I AM!


Kristen said...

I am, I am so ready for Christmas!

And what a beautiful blessing to come out of this recent medical situation with 3 insurances. That's great!

Darrel said...

Oh my! You're lucky with that "insurance" thing, just like my sister who really needs it. Thankfully, life is good here in Indianapolis. Life insurance is something that we really need, though. It's for preparation for anything unavoidable to happen in life. Well, who doesn't need insurance? Indianapolis citizens are really interested about this topic, by the way. Thanks for sharing the inspiring blog post!