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Friday, November 5, 2010

Kadyn has an amazing Daddy

I have been trying to convince Harvey that Kadyn needs a toddler bed for sometime now. I believe his toddler bed would be easier for me, (I am only 4ft 9) if Kadyn to have a seizure in bed, I can flip him on his side and administer his Diastat ASAP. Instead of having to pick him up and place him on the floor. A toddler bed would do Kadyn good. I told Harvey that we would have to buy a bed, and just buy 4 rails to go all the way around it. Well Kadyn's Daddy said no, I want to build him a bed. So when we get our new house Kadyn will have a dinosaur shapped toddler bed. Harvey went to school for building things, so I trust him to make sure the bed is sturdy and safe. We will also have it inspected once Harvey builds it. I am pretty excited about it. Also we are going to continue with Kadyn's dinosaur theme in his room. Although as her gets older the dinosaurs start looking meaner for outfits and what not. I am going to keep the nice, colorful babish dinosaur theme for him. I think it will be better for him. There are going to be so many plans going into place here soon. Harvey and I will be pretty busy when he gets home. So I am unsure once March gets here how often I will blog. I right now am going to take a nap while Kadyn and Alexa are napping.
I forgot, Kadyn had chapped dry cheeks for the longest time. I thought I was going to have to get a prescript cream as nothing was working, until I found Little Remdies healing skin cream. It started to work within a couple days and now his red chapped painful looking cheeks are all better. I think it was a combination of the wind and his drool. Poor baby, but he is all better now :). OK NAP TIME! :) hehe


Anonymous said...

Does Kadyn have the leapfrog learn and groove maracas? or the Fisherprice ocean wonders fish bowl? I work with a little guy who is not interested in toys but he will play with these two. He justs bats the fish bowl to start the music. The maracas he holds in one hands and bats with the other to start the lights and music.
Kim (I've followed your blog for awhile, Kadyn is adorable!)