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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ahhhh, normalcy

Things are starting to run smoother around here. Kadyn is not whineing as much as he was anymore. Although he is still disliking his baths. I think I am going to start maybe bathing Kadyn in the sink and use the sprayer instead of laying him in the water he can kinda lean and lay his head on a towel on the Counter. Perhaps I will try this tomorrow. As you can see from my last post. Kadyn got his pictures taken. This is the first time this has happened in 2 years. The funds are just not there. I thankfully have an amazing grandma who paid for Kadyn's pictures. She also got use a huge long picture and a couple big square ones. I am unsure of the sizes but I do know that these will not go up until we get our home.
Kadyn is not running a fever anymore, and I have never seen his temp so stable. Usually Kadyn runs temps between 97.7-99.7. I don't know what has happened to make this change lately, but I am liking it. He is also talkng more. He is making more sounds and is trying to learn newer words. He also is trying to crawl once again. I really am convinced that the weather change just messed him all up. The other day we went into Walmart, he whined the whole time in the parking lot walking to the store, even though he has fleece jammies with socks and an under shirt under it, coat and hat plus a blankey, he was not likeing the cold. Can I blame him? NO. Once we got into the store, I took his coat and hat off and he was excited. Laughing talking, and playing. It was a whole new child! I was able to get what I needed and even browse around! I loved it!
I am suppose to be up in an hour to get let Alexa and her mommy in. I think I am just going to stay up and wait. I'll feel worse with broken sleep then to wait and get hopefully 4=5 hours of sleep. Kadyn is asleep now.
Kadyn spent the day with his Papa yesterday. My mom and I went to Walmart, PetSmart , Michaels and the Dollar Store. I got me some much needed gloves a cute Pokadotted fleece throw and some cross stitching that I am going to do. They are Christmas kind. I did forget a dry bath for Korona. (our dog) I really need to give her a bath, but I can not life her into the tub. She is 60+ pounds and I just can't lift her while she tries to fight. I wonder If I throw a treat in the tub if she will go in.
Everyone is doing good though! I have all my Christmas shopping done. I may get Kadyn 1 or 2 more things. I don't get him many because between all of our family he gets enough. Kadyn doesn't really understand what is going on either. He also does not like this holiday because he always is in the hospital.
I went Saturday to visit Alexa in the hospital. The lady at the front desk remembered me and was like, "Oh No! Kadyn is in again?" I smiled and said "No mam, Kadyn is at home, I am here to visit the little girl I babysit." I gave her Alexa's name. I told her how i was still feeling anxcious just being there. She simply said, hun, you get to go home tonight to your son. It'll be okay. I smiled and walked to the elevator. I get to Alexa's room and her mom looked rough. I understood. I told her mom to go get some fresh air, it maybe cold, but its fresh. At that time there was a marching band playing and I told her to go watch them. She knew she had nothing to worry about. I am pretty good at being in the hospital with a child (haha). She also knows that I look at Alexa like she is my own child. I love her! So about an hour later Nicole comes back and Alexa was good the whole time. I am sure Nicole felt better. I know what it's like to not have anyone visit, family wise I should say. Which I know it isn't their fault, they work, plus have children so I wouldn' want them there so they can get sick and pass it on to thier children. It was nice to visit though. Thankfully Alexa was discharged yesterday and has been diasnoised with an upper respitory infection. She is on antibiotics. Nicole wanted to know if I still wanted to watch her and of course. If anything Kadyn and I have already been exposed, so if we are going to get it, well we would get it anyways so why not!
Kadyn surprisingly hasn' been sick. Like no cold. (knocks on wood) Usually when someone is sick and they are around Kadyn, he has it like the next day. It's a nice change. I am hoping because he hasn't been having seizures that his immune system is building up. Plus being off all medication probably helps too.
Next week Kadyn has his VMR Study. Basically he has the EEG hooked up with a video for 24 hours. I am not allowed to sleep during this time as someone has to always be awake and I do not have anyone else to come there to help me in order to get some sleep. Maybe a nurse will be nice and let me sleep. Although Kadyn has never seized in his sleep. The worst part is Wednesday I have Alexa until 8am, then Kadyn has OT at 10:30am-11:15 am and then we have to be in the EEG sign in room at 1pm to get registered. So I won't be going home. I think I am going to hang out in the cafeteria for awhile, maybe get a snack. I don't know. There isn't much you can do at the hospital. The hardest part about this EEG is keeping Kadyn from trying to pull the electrodes out. He rolls are and moves around so much that they are going to get tangeled up and everything.
I think I am going to do some cross stitching while I wait for Alexa and her mommy to get here. I hope everyone has a good day! :)


charmine. said...

I am so very happy to hear Kadyn is feeling well and he's playing.I felt so sad when I first saw his baby videos on you tube and Now,I keep him in pray.You have a handsome little boy!Happy holidays.

Kristen said...

Sorry for my lack of commenting. I've been reading your updates but not a lot of extra time to comment. Kadyn's pictures turned out really great! What a cherished keepsake they will be for years to come!

I am so glad he is feeling better.

Soon I will be finding out the same crazy busy-ness that taking care of two kids can bring. :)

Anonymous said...

I can feel that you get a lot out of your blogs. They are so descriptive and I know that Kadyn is a big part of each day.
I will be checking in again....our kids in hospitals....we need to support each other.

Sara said...


It is crazy, but good practice for me minus the part that at the end of the day I give her back to her mommy! I'm always sad then! :)