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Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas is almost here!

Someone gave Kadyn a bottle and thankfully he just cuddled with it :)
So sweet when asleep

Thumbs down? lol
Such a sweet smile

I was trying to get Alexa dressed but Kadyn wanted to play haha!
Christmas is just all around, although I don't see as many people with lights outside this year. This really saddens me and it just shows how bad the economy is.
My mom does not have any of her stuff outside this year. I love my moms yard things that she has. The last couple years with her babysitting she just has not had time. The tree is up though and it's beautiful. All of my Christmas shopping is done and it is being wrapped as it arrives. The only thing I need is Kadyn's pictures to come back so I can wrap grandparents and great grandparents picture frames and also my sisters. I have to get Kadyn maybe a couple more things but I'll do that this weekend that way I do not have to take Kadyn out in this bitter cold. I already have to twice a week now for OT, which I don't like but, he needs it. I can't wait for winter to be over. I am over the cold already! I can't do anything when it's cold nor do I really want to!
Kadyn is doing good though. He was so good today! Such a good mood, it was amazing!


charmine. said...

Nice pics,love the thumbs down,hahaha!