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Friday, December 3, 2010

I don't know what to do

I'm so confused on what I should do for Kadyn. Here is a break down on what has been going on.

Kadyn has been going to bed around 1am-2am and waking up around 4am-5am and he is very whiney. This isn't a normal whine for food or anything as he doesn't even drink a bottle in the moring anymore (which isn't normale either). Normally when he wakes up he wants to stay in bed and listen to his cartoons. (which gives mommy more time to relax for a little bit) Well he becomes very aggitated so I try to put him in the living room with cartoons, and he is even more aggitated. So I take his temp and it's in "his" normal range. (97.7-99.6). I look at him while he is whining trying to figure out why his is so upset. (this has been going on for about a month now) I try and give him more formula and he take two sips and throws is down and is fine for a minute. 5 minutes later it's back to uncontrolable whining and if I wait a minute before getting back up he starts throwing a huge crying fit and thrashing all around his bed. I have tried everything to help this, putting him in my bed, trying to hold him, talk to him, play with him, rock him, and nothing.
The past couple weeks he has also grown to hate the bath, and everyone who has been reading my blog for awhile knows he loves his baths. He always smiles and now he just cries. He screams bloody murder when he is in the bath.
During the afternoon period he is fine. This is between 2pm-5pm after his noon-2 or 3 nap (is he takes it). At night I normally put him in his Pjs around 9-10pm and he goes to bed. He is find in bed for a little bit and then he throws a huge fit. Whining. He thrashes around his bed and just is not happy. I take him back out into the living room where he is content staring at the Christmas tree lights. Then I take him back into bed where he is going to stay no matter what as he is very tired. He then throws a whiney fit not wanting to eat or drink anything. I then again take his temp and it's a bit higher then his normal. So tylenol is what i give him. Of course because of his diet he has to have rectal tylenol. Right after I give it he is fast asleep. I wonder if he is having many headaches? I am unsure and I don't want to rush him to the hospital as usually it's the weather, but today it was sunny. Also when he whines at times it is very high pitched. He also slept from 1am-1030am today, which is odd for him and caused us to miss OT since my night was so stressful after I woke to let Alexa in I forgot to reset my alarm. I called his therapist and explained to her what happened and she said it was just fine. Kadyn shows no sign of any type of virus or infection. He has been going to the bathroom fine. He has not been eating all that well though. I can tell as I am not going through as much formula like I was before this.

My goal this year is to keep my baby home as he has never stayed home for Christmas. I am thinking I am going to give this until Monday, if he hasn't straightened up by then I am going to take him to the Neurosurgeon office and get him checked out. I was suppose to do that today but we didn't get up in time I guess and I just pushed through it. Right now since my parents are home, I am going to take a ride to get some fresh air and relax. Whining really sets my anxity off especially when I have no idea what to do. Since Kadyn isn't really showing many signs which is normal he doesn't, I am confused on what to do. His shunt feels like it is refilling although sometimes it is a bit iffy. Sometimes it's hard to tell when he is constantly moving. I think I'll give this until Monday and if things are not better I am throwing in the towel and going in.

Tomorrow Kadyn is getting his pictures done. This hasn't happened since he was 9 months old. Wish us luck as Kadyn does not lik to be messed with. I am going to the store now to go find maybe a prop or stuffed animal to put in the picture.

Also could everyone please put Alexa in your prayers tonight. I got a phone call from her mommy asking for directions to childrens. She was having some breathing issues and I really hope it isn't what her and I think she has. (Asthma) I pray that God heals her little body! I may go visit her tomorrow!


Michelle said...

It is so difficult to know what is going on when they can't talk to us. Have you talked to your neurologist about the possiblity that it is behavioral? There are two possibilities with this 1)some kiddos like our boys need a bit of help to keep their moods on track. Owen has recently started taking Clonidine. He has rage episodes, as well as manic ones (too happy) and the Clonidine helps to get rid of the extremes. Or 2)He has just learned what will make you come running and needs to be taught that it isn't right. My Owen sure has learned that and earns his "time outs" in his bed just like any other kid.

Tylenol has a calming effect that sometimes helps even when they aren't in pain. Just some thoughts on the matter. Could have nothing to do with Kadyn at all.

charmine. said...

Do take him as soon as you can to hospital,something seems to be upsetting him,maybe his head's hard to tell since he's not talking.I will pray for Kadyn and Alexa.

Michelle said...

Another thought occurs to me. The keto diet can be really hard on their tummies. Is it possible that it is his tummy and not his head? Has he been pooing? The diet can also make them constipated.

I really do hope you find some answers. And the pics are adorable!