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Thursday, December 2, 2010

OT Tomorrow and Neurosurgery

Tomorrow I am going to take Kadyn to his OT appointment and while we are there we are going to swing by the Neurosurgery office to get his shunt checked out. Kadyn has been crying with a high pitched cry and also has been highly whiney. He has not been himself and I just want to get him checked out just incase. He also ran that silly fever the other day. Unless Kadyn wakes up with a stuffy nose, cough or congestion I am stopping by the Neurosurgery office. Better safe then sorry. I just hope it's a neurosurgeon RN that we know and like. There are a couple of them that are kinda....not my type I guess. I mean really I don't think they should be dealing with children. Kadyn also has not been eating good. So I hope that we can figure something out. I will have Alexa with me also So if something is wrong with him, I'll just bring Alexa home and then come back to get Kadyn admitted. Although I do hope nothing is wrong. I do hope that everything is just weather related, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Also we will see how he is feeling in the morning.

This weather is just messing everything up. It's rain one day, snow the next, and colder the next. I think and hope his head is just adjusting to this weather. I will update tomorrow and hopefully I'll have some updated pictures of my lil man! :)


charmine. said...

Poor baby!Do have him checked out and I'll keep him in prayer.Take care.