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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just accept him!

We are home now, Long story short, Kadyn is on antibiotics for a possibly upper respitory infection. Whatver.

I am really aggitated right now. I was just talking to someone (not going to mention names) and this person told me I need to set goals for Kadyn in his OT. For example have Kadyn crawling in a year. Alls I said is that, Kadyn has been through so much that I am going to look at it this way, if he learns, he learns if not, I am going to accpet and love him either way. He is my son and I already accept his condition and what it has done to him. Things could be a lot worse for him and we should be thankful for what he can do. So this person tried pleading their story to me, and all I said was I (as in me and ony me) am not going to set expectations or goals for Kadyn. I am not going to push him as pushing him can cauase him (knowing he has done this before) to not like an activity that envolves him trying to hold his head up or any other physical activity. I also asked, why can't you be thankful that Kadyn is here and he is breathing, and he is doing the best he can. This person doesn't see what the reality of Kadyn's conditions are and what they have caused him. I have no doubt in my mind that one day Kadyn will learn to do these, but seriously one step at a time nad one day at a time. I work with Kadyn here at home and he loves it. OT pushes him even more and I think that is all his body can take. I don't want him to throw himself into a seizure from the stress of being over worked.

I love Kadyn just the way he is. Kadyn may never walk, crawl, hold his head up, jump or dance, but how can I miss something I never had with him? Kadyn is a unique child and he is happy not being able to do those so why would I push that for my own satisfaction. No we are going to go on Kadyn's pace. If Kadyn is 30 because he learns to crawl, so be it! I don't mind.

I just wish peope would really stop telling me what to do when it comes to the care of my child. No one knows Kadyn like I do and no one could ever take care of him like I do. It's just facts.


charmine. said...

Take a deep breath and just get on with your life.You and Kadyn have been through much and like you said nobody knows him better than you.Seeing his contion,people want to help,this can be irritating at times,but you do what is best for your child with the help of his doctors.You have been a great mum.I'm happy baby is better today.Happy holidays.

panda34334 said...

I agree with Charmine. God created Kadyn for a reason. He is already a miracle. Praise God he has survived and be blessed with what he can do. Hang in there. I think this person was trying to be helpful but doesn't realize that you know what Kadyn can or cannot do. Just thank them for the advice and move on. We are praying for you and Kadyn. Thank you for opening up your life to all of us and share Kadyn's life.

God bless

Sue Z said...

You sound like a wonderful mom! Just keep loving that little boy the way that you do. I'm an OT and I work with children ... believe me, his OT will set the right goals for him. In OT, we set ACHIEVABLE goals. That means something that the child can work toward that they can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time.

Nobody knows what he needs more than you and the people that work with him!