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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Discharge tomorrow?

There are talking of Kadyn being discharged tomorrow. Do I like this no? I don't understand why Kadyn goes through these bouts of uncontrolable pain and unhappiness. Obviously Tylenol isn't working because it's been used so much. So I guess I need to ask the doctor if there is a pain medication that he can go on that is stronger but yet sugar and carb free. That is the hard part. Pain meds usually come in pills that are a release time deal. Over time as the pill breaks down is releases the pain medication little at a time through out the body, Kadyn can not swallow a whole pill and to crush it would just ruin it. So what to do! I don't mind going home but when he goes through these bouts of uncontrolable pain and fussiness it gets hard to stay sane. I know the weather is messing with him bad but I also wonder if he needs more water in his diet. It seems when he is on the IV he gets happier. So I am going to buy some bottled water and hope that I can get him to drink more then 2 sips a day. I am going to look at some flavored water that he can have and ask his dietician about a game plan for him. He is right now in his bed wide awake drinking. Normally around this time he is thrashing thoughout his bed, in pain and just screaming.

Today he was very good. Other than he wasn't really eating, which could be due to the amount of fluids going into his body. Although it could be anything else.

I have not called any family since Kadyn's been admitted. I just don't feel like talking about it. I feel that as long as Kadyn isn't having surgery I shouldn't have to call everyone to let them know (since they are not going to come see him anyway really) that he is admitted just to turn around and call them the next day to tell them nothing is wrong we are going home. Plus most of my family has facebook so they can read about it. :)

Either way, I am hoping this is Kadyn's "Christmas Hospital Trip"


Michelle said...

i kinda know what you're going through. i'm 24, got my first shunt at 22, on 12/4/08. had an emergency revision on 12/17/09, and found out this morning i have to have another urgent revision next week, 12/16/10. my third Christmas in a row. i have long blond hair & i'll be partially bald again.

i know the pain. i broke down this week & begged my doctor to do the surgery ASAP - you KNOW it's bad when brain surgery is the less painful than staying how you are!

as my Mom & i left the neurosurgeon's office this morning, she started to cry a little. she was overwhelmed. so i'm guessing you guys have similar feelings in some ways. sometimes i think maybe it's easier on me going through it than it is for a mother to watch her child suffer.

i'm praying for you & of course for Kadyn also. keep me posted. :-)

- michelle

charmine. said...

Good that your baby is better today.Is it possible to request them to keep him in hospital one more day,since your not comfortable with an early discharge,because of Kadyn's discomfort and pain?

Also,you say the climate seems to upset him,will moving to a place that's warmer in december help?
And,two sips of water a day seems too little...or is it what the doc allows?

Praying for you both.

Kristen said...

I vote too, this is Kadyn's Christmas hospital stay, so now that he's gotten it out of the way no more visits for the month of December!! :)

Michelle said...

and just FYI, there IS such a thing as time-released medication in liquid form. i learned about it in my pain management class. personally i'm on the tablet form, but it does exist!