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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cutest toddler Award goes to!

Duh, who else would I say! (hehe) I think it the collic in the front of his hair line. Really. Or it could be that he has his daddys good looks, with my skin tone and eye color. Or it could be his adorable head. Or it could be the way I dress him. Or, I think it's all of the above! It's 1:30am and Kadyn is awake, but not wanting anything. He is just chilling in his bed. I called his pediatrician yesterday and she told me to try Melatonin. She said start off with a 3mg tab and cut it in 1/2. She said if that doesn't work then to just give him the whole 3mg. I gave him the 1/2 tablet around 8:30. He was asleep within 20 minutes. So I stayed up until 9:30 talking to Harvey then went to sleep. I woke up to Kadyn rolling around. I checked to make sure he was not doing anything seizure like and then made him a bottle and laid back down. Now Kadyn is full of yawns, but no sleep. So, I gave him the other 1/2 of the tablet in hopes he goes back to sleep. He is awefully congested to, so that could be why he isn't sleeping good. It seems like everytime he gets rid of a cold, another one is standing inline behind it. No fever though. Thank goodness. Today though is our support group meeting. I am pretty excited about it! I need to see Jen and we are having a Neurosurgeon from UofM speaking. (Attention Kristen!!!!) Dr. Hugh Garton. Although this is not Kadyn's Neurosurgeon I am eager to hear his opinions and his ideas for treatments and what not for this condition. It's always nice to meet other Dr's in this field. Keeps your options open incase your neurosurgeon isn't keeping up with your expectations. Although Dr. Ham is truely amazing! Kadyn's whineing was not bad at all today. He has seemed to stop that. He was in an amazingly good mood today and since it was his bath day I cringed. Knowing, well thinking he was going to be miserable in it. Oh no. He was all smiles and I think most of his bath water...ended up on the floor. He splashed so much! I had to pull the clear curtain shut to keep myself from getting wet. So next time I am putting my swim suit on and a lifesaver because I will be swimming too! (haha) He had fun, and that is all that matters to me!
I think this mommy is going to get mommy time Sunday night. The bar down the street from me always hosts Karaoke on Sundays. I used to go every Sunday when my mom didn't work. I always insist on getting Kadyn to sleep first before I leave. It makes me feel better. I have a good time with all my friends! Drink a couple beers, listen to everyone sing, dance on the slow dances for laughs, and just be with adults. Being a temporary "single" mom, it's hard to get out, especially since my parents are gone pretty much all week babysitting my sister's children so I talk to Kadyn all week. I have no been to Karaoke in...gosh, it's been over 6 months. So I decided to take $3 outta my pay and use it for my 2 beers plus $1 tip. Big spender here huh!! Although I may go wild and get some coney island on my way home so I better bring a $5 haha! The life of a mommy! I love it.
I need to cut Kadyn's hair too. His collic in the front is getting long, and it doens't lay down after it gets long, no, it just keeps growing up higher! hehe! Still adorable though!


Kristen said...

He is pretty cute, I do have to say so my self! That colic definitely adds to his adorableness. :)

I know Dr. Garton. He's not Cayman's primary Neurosurgeon but he has done one, maybe even two of her surgeries. One being this past summer. He's a really great man. I wish I could attend. It would be interesting to hear what he says.

jazzy joyce said...

I definetly feel ur joy and pain. The best moms award should go to you. God was definetly watching over all of u. I am a single mom with a 6 1/2 yr old boy who is adhd and I know how it feels to not have any friend time. If he's not in school he is home with me into everything. No one helps my parents r in heaven. I am a christian and I believe in jesus christ and believe he will heal my son oneday, so I will b praying for ur son as well. God didnt bring him this far 4 u 2 give up. God bless you all. God is in charge cause he is a true fighter.