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Friday, January 14, 2011

Meltonin night #2/ Support Group

So night #1 I gave Kadyn 1/2 of a 3mg tab. It didn't work. He slept from 9:30pm-12am. Stayed up until 8am and slept until 1pm. So tonight at 11pm I gave him 3mg tablet. Within 20 minutes he is out. So we will see how long that lasts for. Hopefully 8-10 hours. If this continues, since Melatonin is all natural, I will keep him on it.

Today was the support group meeting. I have to say, it was horrible!! For Kadyn. He had a seizure in the parking lot of the church. So I run around my Jeep get his med...get him out of his car seat (still don't know how I did it) throw the front see back (im short so it sits all the way up) some how managed to get to his diaper and give him his diastat. He came out of it. Although is arm was paralized for about an hour, he was happy when he fist came out. Then he just got upset. He was very irritated and just it was terrible. So, I toughed it out because I really wanted to hear what this Neurosurgeon had to say. To be honest. I loved it! He sounds like an awesome Surgeon and he seems to look at things the way I do. So When Harvey gets home for good. I am getting a second opinion. I think this Neurosurgeon has a lot more to offer than Kadyn's, but we will see. I'd rather drive 1 hour for amazing care, then 10 minutes for ok care. So afterwards I got his card. Stuck around and talked for awhile, then headed off to my sisters. Yeah, Kadyn screamed pretty much the whole time. So I stopped at a taco bell parking lot (i was hungry too hehe) and I gave him some pain medication. I go myself a $2 meal deal. yummy! Then headed back on the road. Kadyn was ok for 20 minutes then it was yelling and screaming again. I got to my sisters, put him in his pack and play. Gave him his Meltonin, and a bottle and off to sleep land he went within 20 minutes. I am heading there now too. I am so exhausted I can see my dreams before I even closed my eyes. Here is hopes for a good 8-10 hours of rest :).

OH just so everyone knows

Seizures........suck!!!! 2 in one week after being seizure free for 6 months. Grrr!