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Friday, January 7, 2011

Fight a home

Kadyn and I both have colds. Terrible colds. My head feels like it's going to explode, so I can only imagine how Kadyn's feels. Although he isn't curled up in a ball feeling sorry for himself like this girl. He is in his pack n play in the tv room playing and watching Playhouse Disney. I am on the couch watch Tv wanting to cry! I dislike being sick. I have such a hard time trying to care for Kadyn's needs and taking care of myself. I lose my breath easily and I have this built up pressure in my head, ears, eyes and nose. Everything aches. I also have Alexa today.

Kadyn is no longer in OT. We decided that since Kadyn is not feeling good most of the winter, his headaches are worse and his pain level is higher with the changing pressures occuring. So because Kadyn during this time was not wanting to do anything. We decided it's best to wait until spring to restart his OT. When Kadyn is having a lot of pain, I won't push him to do things. Plus he truely won't be successful in OT unless he is in PT also. So we will wait. I'll keep working with Kadyn on some things at home of course.

Now we just fight these home. For once, I don't have to rush Kadyn into the hospital during a cold. It feels nice because I DO NOT feel like going and waiting in the hospital. I don't feel like watching Kadyn go through tests and everything. Plus I don't even think I should be driving with the way I feel anyways. So hopefully he fights this whole cold at home. He is doing better than me with it! (hehe)


Kristen said...

Being sick is the pits...and being sick while still having to be mommy is tough!! I hope it can pass by soon for you. Our household has been rounding the colds and flu too. We're all on the mend now.

charmine. said...

Rest up and maybe you can try hot chicken soup,it works for me when I have a cold.Drink lots of warm water too.Hope you guys feel better soon.

casey said...

I hate it for ya. I personally know how it feels to have a cold along with hydrocephalus. I was born 6 wks preemy w/ grade 3 bleed. They shunted me at 5 months and I was diagnosed with hydro. I have had 15 revisions all due to blockage. I was also diagnosed with epilepsy at 14. I have had a total of 3 grand mal seizures. I was wondering, where are you from, in the United States perhaps. There is a great forum where you can find other people who are going through the same things you are. It is a neurology forum and there is a section for hydro and epilepsy. I hope that you can find some great information there and also some help in your journey with your son. Have you been to the doctor about his headaches. Does he have a programmable shunt or is it a manual one?

Anonymous said...

I hope you both feel better, I know it's harder to take care of him. Wish I could so you could rest! At least next week you don't have Alexa so you can rest more and it's only Kadyn, does that make sense?