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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Seizures suck!!

I am currently in Ohio with my sister. She woke me up telling me that Kadyn's having a seizure. being sick I can't hear good so I guess I didn't hear him start to seize. I jump up off the couch run and get his Diastat and quickly give that to him. It took 3 minutes but Kadyn came out of the seizure. I checked his shunt. It refills wonderfully, so I am going to wait for him to wake up to see how he is doing. If he acts fine, there is no need to rush him to the hospital. I am not going to head home just yet as if he has another seizure, there is a hospital real close who has dealt with Kadyn before and did a beautiful job! So I am going to let him sleep it off and if he acts like he has a shunt failure I will start heading home. I doubt he will, I just think the fever from the cold is what caused it. Thankfully though the diastat took him out of it.

I will keep updates on what we are doing. I won't be deciding for a few hours when he wakes up.