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Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's that time again!

You know, or maybe you don't, either way I am going to tell you. It's time to start fundraising for the Detroit Hydrocephlaus WALK this year! Our Walk is Saturday July 2nd 2011. Oh gosh, that is Kadyn's birthday. So this year Kadyn is asking for one thing and one thing only. Donations towards his team. 100% of every donation go towards research!

For those who don't know, hydrocephalus affects millions of people in the United States. The headaches, the pain, the struggles and most of all the surgeries are a pain in the rear. I won't lie. I have seen it first hand with my son. The constant worry of his shunt malfunctioning and the constant worry of what tomorrow will bring us. My biggest goal is bringing this all to an end. To make everyone who has to live with this condition pain and surgery free. I will be walking on July 2nd to stomp and roll out this uncureable condition. Even a dollar could change lives.

Kadyn lives with the everyday pain of this condition. He lives with constant headaches, seizures and other issues brought on by hydrocephalus. My goal since I have had Kadyn is to remain surgery and seizure free, and we have had a taste of that these past 8 months, but knowing that eventually his shunt is going to fail, fills my heart with fear everyday. Kadyn is a special little boy. He has gone through so much and yet he is the happiest baby in the world. Through his eyes his life is great. Smiles and laughs are all he has. I have never seen a child smile after surgery and that is my little Kadyn. He has fought off over 5-6 infections and has lived through 20 brain surgeries. Yet, he still smiles. There is this light inside him that nothing can turn it off. He truely is my miracle and he makes miracles everyday. Every breath he takes, every move he makes, every time he blinks, smiles, laughs, sneezes, everything he does is a miracle. The donation link is on the right side of my Blog, You'll see it, it's at the very top, :) I thank everyone and anyone who can donate to this cause. I also would like to thank those who read my blog and check on my little Kadyn. It brings me joy to be able to share our story and our daily lives, whether my updates be good or not so good, I am thankful to those who read and comment. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!

Kadyn is doing super good. He is happier and just more comfortable and sleeping better now that his ear is better. Thank God we have that figured out. So I don't know how often I'll be updating as i will be doing a lot of cleaning, and going through things. Also going to be doing a few projects for when Harvey gets home! (YAY) Also want to make Kadyn a tshirt and possibly me a tshirt too. Although I am thinking about buying my a dress for that day!! :). Life is good! I can't complain! If you don't hear from me for a few days, don't worry. We are okay. Just busy busy busy!! :)


Sue Z said...

Did you see American Idol this past week? One of the contestants who is going to Hollywood has a daughter with hydrocephalus. Maybe this will help to raise awareness about this condition and more money will go to research.