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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A picture on the wall

So in my bedroom, my walls are green, Kadyns blankets are dinosaurs with bright blues and greens, yellows, burgandys and white. So beautiful. My blankets are Leopard print. Sounds like my room matches.(sarcasim there) Not to mention my pink fridge. Today as I was cleaning. My room is tiny. Once it's all cleaned I'll post a picture...I'm pretty sure you will understand how tiny my room is (with all the stuff in it) with one picture from the door way. This picture I put on the wall, some how brings everything together in my room. This picture is above my tiny twin size bed but it fits perfect. That was my favorite picture of Kadyn. I was going to wait to put it up until I had my own home with Kadyn but I decided that my room needed a little more touch of Kadyn other than his stuff in the room:). I guess you can't get anymore Kadyn then Kadyn himself being in my room :).
Kadyn's ear looks so much better, no more drainage at all. I still have 5 more days of antiobiotics and ear drops for him, but he is just looking so much better already. I'll be calling Monday to schedule him an appointment with his peditricain to get his ear checked out to make sure the infection is gone. Which I am sure it will be.