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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Celebrations

What a fun time we had the other night. I went to Harvey's cousin's house, Brian and Aimee. These two are amazing people and I love them so much! I went to school with both of them actually. If anyone didn't know, Harvey and I are high school sweethearts (hehe), So we all went to school together. Brian and Aimee have two children together, 4 year old Matthew and 1 year old Julia. These kids are something else. I love them! So, Kadyn and I went out there and spent the night. When Kadyn went to sleep I had two drinks (smirnoff) so I decided not to drive, even though it was only 2. I am really picky about that. I don't think anyone should drive ever after a sip. Anyways, they both invited thier friends children over also. SO there were 4 children (not including Kadyn) running around and playing. Then they invited more people over who had a little boy named Jack. They stayed until after the ball dropped and then went home. Kadyn went to bed around 130 and I went to bed at 2 after helping clean up from the toys! haha! The next morning Kadyn woke up at 5am for a bottle then went back to sleep. Then we woke up at 10. Brian and Aimee were amazed at how much Kadyn sleeps, but they don't realize that their children went to bed at their bedtime as Kadyn makes up his own. Plus wakes up in the middle of the night to eat. I don't complain at all, because when he sleeps I sleep. Especailly when he doesn't sleep good through the night. Since winter seems to be his least favorite season, sometimes his sleeping habits are way way off. Like right now it's 130am and he is playing his little head off. We hvae church in the morning. I am going to be one of those people yawning in the pew. I think it's kinda rude, but I know you can't help it haha! Kadyn always falls asleep during church. Too cute. Tomorrow before church I am going to give him his Tylenol before his headache comes. He always has headaches around the same time. Sometimes I wonder if he suffers from Migranes because there are times where he wants the lights off.


Hope everyone had a Happy New year


Kristen said...

It would be so great if our little ones could tell us what they are feeling. Maybe someday they will. And our hearts will just light up with joy over it.

Anonymous said...

he's a party animal! lol.
It could be that he wants the lights off and more so at church b/c it's so bright in there?