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Friday, December 31, 2010

Pageing Dr. Kadyn

Here are some pictures to make everyone happy :) Of course They are mixed up haha. Christmas and whatever pictures I could find. :) The first one I just took ohhh 20 min ago

I decided to put these Jammies on him, paging Dr.Kadyn! haha
Kadyn last night sleeping with his new dino I bought him! Too cute!

Opps, here is Cougar now, isn't she getting so big. MY fur ball lol!

Obviously this star is for the mouth, it vibrates, but it was way better to let it vibrate in his ear I guess haha!

Sleeping on Christmas Eve night, awaiting Santa! I didn't get an pics of him opening gifts as things were a little hectic and he just wasn't feeling it But he did stay home this year :)

I love this picture. It has so much personality in it!

Guess who is looking more and more like his daddy!

Kadyn likes to lick Alexa's hand haha!

I have not gotten a picture of Kadyn in a silly sleeping position. Well here it is! Enjoy lol!

Yes Kadyn's finger is in his eye...i don't know sometimes haha!

Just a cheesy smile. Cute son!
Kadyn is still struggling with pain. His Neurologist canceled his appointment as she had come down with a cold and it was safer to just not see him so he didn't catch it. His OT cancled because she was sick also. It must be going around in the hospital. So, I have to call next week to reschedule my appointment with Neurology. Then I have to email his dieticion also. I am hoping to get all appointments out of the way by Feb, so March can be spent home with Harvey.I just made myself feel better by telling myself that I have 4-5 more paydays until he returns. So exciting. When he returns to the states, the anticipation of him being here in Michigan is going just kill me! The fact that this month flew by so fast is amazing, and next month there is so much going on with Birthdays, and stuff that it's going to fly by also. Speaking of Birthdays. Harveys Birthday is Jan 12. My moms and his moms is Jan 23rd and my nieces is Jan 5th. I believe that is all. This will also be the 2nd Valentines day in a row that I don't get to spend with Harvey. Last years he was gone. Training I think. Hopefully by June or July we will have our home. I am pretty exctied about it. I have so much to look forward to that it sometimes helps my gloomy days when Kadyn is at his worst. Like a day like today when Kadyn cried all day and nothing calmed him. I couldn't hold him, talk to him, sing, give pain med, feed him, or anything without him crying. He cried so much that I had to go outside in the cold in just my tshirt and pants to calm down. Of course he was in his bed, but I went out side and threw the ball to my dog for a minute to calm my nerves and get a fresh start. Of course that was a bad idea because poor Korona slipped across the ice a couple times. I don't think my nerves would be as shot if I had a little help. I understand my parents made a commitment to my sister to babysit her children, but sometimes I get angry with them for knowing that I need to help more than she does. I never asked for help when Harvey was here because he was here to help, but right now I have no one here to help me try and make Kadyn better. I know I can't be angry at them, but there are times that I just can't help it. I don't ever tell them becuase they made the comitment before Harvey left. I just tell myself that I have been doing this for over a year by myself, and soon things will get easier. Taking Kadyn to the stores is hard, especially in this cold. I try not to go out a lot, but sitting inthe house all day makes me feel, trapped. So I have to get out. I go to the dollar stores, meijers, even the mall just to walk around and get out. I can't wait for the wamrer weather to come so we can start going to the park again! :)


charmine. said...

Lovely pictures of a beautiful child!Happy new year and hope you get more help with baby in the coming year.You are a great mum,I'm sure you inspire others.God bless you guys.

Kristen said...

I love all the random pictures. They were a joy to look at and read your captions to each one.

I also like your new background.

I can only imagine how hard it must be to be a temporary single mom. This cold weather is trapping and trying to carry a bundled up kid through the cold and wind is tough. I am ready for warm weather as well. Kind of depressing to think of how many months we have to get through yet before that can come.

Anonymous said...

<3 these

<3 you two

Maria said...

I found your blog by accident recently. I just want to say that you are such an inspiration to me and I think to any mom that reads your posts. You're a strong, beautiful woman and an amazing mother. Thank you for sharing your life through this blog. God bless you and the beautiful Kadyn, and your entire family.