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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kadyn Kadyn Kadyn!!! :D

How can you not love how cute Kadyn's feet are. They still look like baby feet, just a bit bigger!

His smile lights up the whole world! I just love it. I think smiles are the best medicine.

Who doesn't love watching thier child sleep. I always wonder what he dreams of.

You can also see that Kadyn needs a hair cut very bad. He that much needed hair cut today. It surprises me how well he behaves during these hair cuts. I am thankful that he finds the buzzing noise funny and he just cracks up. When daddy is home and Kadyn needs a hair cut next, I will have to take a video of it.

Also I will post pictures of Kadyn's hair cut as soon as I can. I actually started blogging and then stopped to cut Kadyn's hair while I was thinking about it. I figured if I didn't do it then, it would never get done by the time Harvey gets home, which is exactly two weeks from today. How exciting!


charmine said...

He is such a sweet child,yes,his feet are pretty.Glad he's so happy and his health is good.

charmine said...

Haha!made a mistake with my blog address while commenting...