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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 Weeks away

Two more weeks and my love will be home, then we begin house hunting. :D I am so excited for this. Kadyn is too. Although I am sad that Harvey was gone this long, I am thankful because it made our relationship stronger. I am also thankful that Kadyn's health was really good during this. Made the whole experience easier to deal with. I am also very nervous about him coming home. It's been over a year since I actually had him here more than 2 weeks. Having to share my room with him isn't going to be easy! Haha!

Kadyn has been super good the last couple weeks. Other than his Impetigo around his mouth, which is clearing up very well, his health has been outstanding. No seizures, eating amazingly. Did I mention Kadyn has hit ther 30lb mark? Yup, Kadyn is now a 30lb boy. I can feel it when I lift him too! Gosh I can't wait for his daddy to see him again! He missed out on a whole year of his life, but he won't miss out on anymore! (hopefully no more deplyments!)

Kadyn is a lot more talkitive now that his ear also has cleared up. He is trying to say a lot more words. Like he now knows how to say WOW. He says that a lot. Dada is stilla favorite of his. He calls me Mama now, or MOOOOM. lol. He also babbles a lot and makes many noises. It's wonderful. He is also belly laughing once again. Kadyn has this funny way of trying Not to laugh. he will hold his breath until he screams out in a a laugh, the other day, I was doing raspberries into his ear and he was laughing so hard he had tears.

The other day we were in my dad's truck (I am driving that until my Jeep is fixed) and I was talking on the phone with my mom and Kadyn coughed a little. Prolly just drank some and it went down wrong. Well it didn't stop with the 2 coughs, He kept coughing, and I look back and he is smiling from ear to ear, then I knew they were fake coughs, and he continued to fake cough for a good hour and he thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

Valentines Day was spent with the Alexa and her mom and Brother and Kadyn. The Mcdonalds by my house has a candle light dinner every year. Actually I used to work at this Mcdonalds. So we went there and had dinner. That morning I heard pounding and the door and the doorbell. I answered the door and was handed this huge thing of flowers. It was from Harvey. The little card says "I love you more. Happy Valentines Day Lover! I miss you." I was grinning from ear to ear. That alone made my day 100% better! It was a lot bigger than i expected. I will post a picture tomorrow when I take one. there are pink lillies white lillies, pink roses, little purple flowers, some green leaves and all in this rose pink, vase bowl. So adorable! :D. I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day!


Rachel Louvier said...

My name is Rachel Louvier. I stumbled upon your blog and felt strongly that I wanted to contact you. I have a 13 year old son who was born with pretty severe congenital hydrocephalus as well. Bryce Matthew was born July 8 1997.
I created a video about him through OneTrueMedia that you're welcome to watch:

We didn't manage to get any photos of Bryce while his head was very enlarged... after they placed his shunt, it seemed to drain very quickly and also caused some problems with the shape of his skull. Bryce was also born with a cleft lip/palate and missing some fingers and toes. He doesn't have a genetic malformation, and they aren't sure what happened exactly or why.
I'd love to chat with you, and wanted to tell you how beautiful Kadyn is.
Feel free to write if you'd like. My email is


Anonymous said...

What a cute story about the fake coughs. Made me smile.