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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dietician today

Today Kadyn had a Dieticain check up. As many know, Kadyn is on the Ketgenic diet. He also doesn't like to eat solids and we have made little to no progress in the area, but this time around, I am going to fight tooth and nail with him. I am going to try harder and no be so willing to let him have his way with this. I think feeding times will be much easier and also feeding him will be cheaper if I can at leaast get him to do Gerber baby foods for now. Although he should be past those, we need to keep trying them before we introduce anything else. So basically it's like starting all over. Well on the the good news, we have 10 more months of this diet and then we starting weening him off of it. That will be 2 years of no "unmedically related seizures". Basically that means, seizures due to fever, shunt, infection, ect. Those seizures most defenitly can not be helped, but ones that happen just because for no reason are being helped by the diet. It's amazing what simple fats can do. She also said that Kadyn is growing really good. He has gained 2lbs since Novemeber. She said that he is in the 10-25th percentile for his age, but she looked at me and blamed me for him being short for his age. (haha) She also said that even though he is small he is perportioned and that is what matters the most. Things are going so good with Kadyn. April 1st will be a day to celebrate, which I will write about that on April 1st.
Also I'd like to ask everyone to please keep Alexa (the little girl I babysit) in your thoughts and prayers. She is going through a lot medically. She is right now in Childrens Hopsital getting a 24 hour video eeg (VMR) she also had a regular EEG a few weeks ago but needed to be scheduled for an emergancy VMR and she is also getting a MRI in a couple weeks. I just want the doctors to figure out what is wrong with her. They think seiures and I hope not. Thank you.


Hellou Vicky said...

Wow! Lovely pics! :)