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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adjusting to this "new" life

It seems as though my relief of Harvey being home was a little short lived, although I know deep down inside I am so glad he is home and safe, but readjusting to life with him is proving rather difficult. I believe the biggest set back is, we are living with my parents, and that is stress in it's self. On top of Kadyn's daily needs, my babysitting, looking for a home for us, and living the 3 of us in one room we are kinda at each others toes. Although we have one good thing, a rule I will never break, Never go to bed angered. Although this whole adjustment is rather hard with all the stress around us we are pushing through it. Harvey and I have never had the "perfect" relationship, if anything it's been rather rocky, but I know where my heart is and where his heart is. I know we can get past this and conquer on, and I believe the first step, and it's the biggest step is getting our own place. Not having to live under my parents roof is our biggest stress. There is a lot behind this stress that I prefer not to put out there, but I will just say, I don't get along with my mom as well as most would. I mean we get a long, but we are way different from each other and that makes it rather difficult to live with, even though my parents are not really home all week at all.

This week has been especially hard as Alexa was sick, Harvey was sick and Kadyn was sick too. Thankfully Kadyn was only really down for one day and although he is still sick with a cold, it's not affecting him as badly as the first day. The fever is starting to subside and his energy is coming back. Also we are going to start the journey of solids again, but I decided to wait until he is feeling a lot better. Tastes buds are not the best when you are congested so waiting until he is feeling a lot better would help this situation most.

I love him, he loves me, we love our son and things will fall into place. Time is all we need and there is plenty of that.


charmine. said...

Everyone I think,at sometime goes through stress in their relationship,but it will pass.Just hang in there,don't sweat the small stuff and it's wonderful that you have this rule of not going to bed upset.

Keep your eyes on god and the big picture-he'll help you through.

Love is forgiving and patient.

Praying for ya.

Victoria said...

All relashionship have its ups and downs, just keep following that grait rule and take one day at a time:)

Sorry for my bad english, love from Argentina