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Friday, April 15, 2011

Alexa and Kadyn

Alexa and Kadyn get along great. She gets really happy when he is around, and Kadyn gets really happy too. Alexa is trying to figure Kadyn out and he is trying to figure her out. Watching Alexa has also been a learning experience for me. Kadyn of course being my first and only child, he of course is a bit different than raising a child like Alexa. Alexa is very demanding, she demands attention and you can't leave her in the living room to go into the bathroom or to grab anything out of another room without her crying, as with Kadyn I could leave him a complete strangers house and he wouldn't mind. (I of course have never done that, it's an analogy!)
Alexa also likes to be held, A LOT and Kadyn never likes to be held, he prefers his freedom to roll and kick and play. She needs toys to keep her entertained, if she has no toys putting her down, she will cry because she is bored. Kadyn well, he doesn't like toys, and the ones he has, come attached to his body. She loves watching cartoons, he doesn't care about them but will listen to the music. She naps a lot, and I'm lucky to ever get a nap from Kadyn. There is such a big difference in the two, and it's prepared me for when Harvey and I decide it's the right time for another child. Although, the thought of that scares me, just thinking about my first pregnancy and how scarey it was. Although I can't let that stop me from having a family. Harvey and I agreed if the next one is a boy we will try one more time for a girl, but 3 is the limit.

We didn't get that house that we wanted, I am sad because the house was perfect, I had already imagined our little family in that house, and the land, four wheeling on the land and watching Harvey build a barn or garage out back while I cook dinner, the bonfires we could have with friends and families. Well, when one door closed more will open, Sunday we are going out with our realtor again to look at houses and I hope to fall in love with another house. We have time, we are not homeless, and we are in no hurry. (Kinda)

Well here are the pictures of the two kiddos playing, and being goofy. Some pictures are super silly, so be warned, you may really laugh out loud.
Looks like she is pinching his cheeks
Them playing footsies haha!
This picture is so cute! :D
What picture of Kadyn wouldn't be complete without milk pouring out the side of his mouth...sigh more laundry haha!
Kadyn like to pet with his hands and feet haha!
Milk again, ok not milk, Ketocal but it's easier to call it milk.
I caught her grabbing his diaper.
I told her no!!!! Don't take his diaper off, so she gave me a look like, "It wasn't me!" haha
Now this clearly looks like his feet are in her mouth, which they probably were, silly!
He totally looks like, "EWWWW mama, She has cooties!" As milk pours from his mouth. Laundry Laundry Laundry.

I do Laundry daily! Everyday, if I don't i get so far behind. Since I am doing Harvey's laundry now, plus my own and Kadyn's. I have to change his outfits all the time because he just drools or spits his milk out all over them. Baths are a daily routine instead of every other day and brushing teeth was ordered 3 times a day instead of 2 times. Which I'll have a post about that soon.


silvana said...

olá....sou do brasil
acompanho seu blog,seu filho é lindo
eu também tive uma linda filha com hidrocefalia
perdi ela a quase tres meses.
estava com 9 anos.
Deus quis assim.....
ame seu filho o máximo que puder...
Deus te abençoe
bjs no Kadyn

Anne said...


I remember you saying something about him having tooth decay...I have a feeling that it is being caused by the milk staying in his mouth. That is very very bad for teeth, and can cause tooth decay that is very harmful to the immune system and can make him very sick, and since he's so fragile, it could even kill him. after he drinks his bottle, you should wipe the insides of his mouth all the way to the back molars with a washcloth to get the excess milk out.

I'm not trying to be rude, but tooth decay is no joke for kids, especially when they're so fragile.