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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lacking in Posts

I had some posts planned out. Had them all in my head, and I have yet to type them up. I am struggling with a head cold right now. I have congestion, headaches, sneezing, cough, and soar throat. I have a hard time breathing and just tired all the time. Yet I manage. I still have to wake up at 4am to let Alexa in (I got my cold from her) and then hope she stays asleep so I can nap. Tomorrow Harvey is leaving to go on a trip and I'll be alone all day with both kids. I feel tomorrow is going to be a long hard day. I am laying on the couch and I feel tired, exhausted just from typing this little. Harvey is at his grandmas helping her with something, and Kadyn is being good rolling and talking on the floor. I am worried about when he wants to go to bed, will I be able to pick him up? I already did a lot today. Taking Kadyn to the neurologist this morning wore me out. How I did it I have no idea but lucky enough it's not so bad putting Kadyn in his stroller. Catching my breath after doing so is the issue. I could of sent Harvey but since he hadn't been around for a year he wouldn't know anything so I had to do so, he stayed home with Alexa.

The plan for Kadyn is to remain on the ketogenic diet until he is 5. Since he is still having febrile seizures they want to keep him on the diet until the chance of him having a febrile seizure is low. The Neurologist said that she has never seen a child on 4 medications, go off all medication and be seizure free on just a diet. She said that she really never thought she would see Kadyn the way he is today, and she is just joyful and speechless. I was speechless too since I was catching my breath still from walking to the room.

Thankfully Harvey is going out now to get my some Severe Cold Medicine and Puffs Plus with Vicks in it. I think I have gone through 500 tissues. I dislike being sick. I dislike not being about to take care of Kadyn to my full potential.

Kadyn is mimicking my sneezes. Silly guy! :D


Anonymous said...

Oh Sara, I wish I was closer to help you out. It's never fun being sick. Feel better hon!

Jan H.

charmine. said...

This is so sad.Get well soon.Maybe you could try some hot soups or even honey and warm water.