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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was pretty good this year. We were all together this year and not in the hospital! Thank God! Last year Kadyn was fighting a shunt infection and this year he is doing great and he has his daddy home! That's the best! We started out by coloring eggs Saturday afternoon. When I was younger, this was something we would do before bedtime. Well, since Harvey had to work at night, it was best to do this now. Kadyn, wasn't interested, so we only did 6 eggs instead of the normal 12 that we always did as children.

The dye, I love how pretty the colored water/vinegar is!
Harvey put the eggs it the dye! Whats that on his wrist? It's a hydrocephalus support bracelet! oh ya!

Kadyn watched, but he would rather of been on the ground rolling around!
Pretty colored eggs!
Then we made them into awesome cars. Oh look there is sugar on the table haha opps!

Kadyn laying in the grass at his Great Uncles. They has an Easter Egg hunt.
He kept pulling his shirt up haha, but he collected 3 eggs, thanks to Uncle Jonathon bringing eggs to him haha

Kadyn trying to figure out what the heck this egg is all about.

Playing in the grass, oh all that string junk on the ground is silly string, his great uncle always has a silly string fight every year. I did not participate this year as I was inside with Kadyn.

Cousin Julia looking at Kadyn and his eggs haha!
Trying to get a picture of all the kids. yea right! haha
Kadyn took his socks off, go figure, but where are they?? haha
Waiting for daddy in the car, I love this outfit on him. It made him look so cute!
Ready for bed, after a long Easter Day! :D

When we got home we opened all the Easter baskets here. Kadyn got a lot of toys for his new room when we get our house. He also got a lot of candy which I packed in Harvey's lunch for work. He had to work that night and he didn't get any sleep. Poor guy. He should be home soon and I have a feeling he is going to crash. I am tired too because even though Kadyn got a lot of fresh air yesterday, he woke up at 1am and now he is back awake at 6am. So I guess I wait for Harvey to come home. While Kadyn plays in his bed. He isn't ready to come out yet. I tried and Kadyn got upset haha!