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Saturday, April 23, 2011

ER Visit

Well today started out like a nice day. It was 75 degrees out here in Michigan, sun was shining, a little windy, but beautiful enough to take Kadyn and Korona for a walk. Thankfully Harvey was awake and decided to join us, so off we drove to Elizabeth Park. When we got there, it was a little packed but it's okay, we normally don't walk to path anyways. So we came across this bride and decided it would be better to go up and over the bridge since the grass was mucky and wet and muddy. Well this bride has steps. Weird I know. We go up the steps and on the way down, the straps some how break on Kadyn's harness for his stroller and he flys out of his stroller. I was behind with Korona so I didn't see it, but apparently Kadyn's straps broke then and Harvey didn't notice. Harvey notice Kadyn's but going over the stroller and couldn't reach him fast enough and Kadyn fell and his ride side of his face too all the impact. Kadyn didn't cry, he fussed a little, but he didn't cry a bit. He was more mad that Harvey was trying to comfort and cuddle with him. Once Kadyn was back into the stroller and we fixed the strap as good as possible to hurry him back to the Jeep, we took off and went to the nearest emergency room to get their opinion if Kadyn should get a CT scan or anything. The ER doctor said that since Kadyn didn't fall on his shunt, we are not worried about that, and since he fell from a not so high spot that they are not worried about brain bleeds or skull fractures and it looked like he just had some skin scraps and what not. Although Kadyn's face now looks worse that this picture below due to swelling and bruising, he is in an amazing mood and doing great. Right now he is in bed and we are keeping Tylenol in him in case pain does, or is occurring although I don't think it really is since he has been talking and laughing the whole time he is awake. I feel horrible and even worse, Harvey was about in tears, but it wasn't his fault, I think it was mine, I must not of realized the strap didn't snap all the way or something. I put the harness part of the stroller back in and for now on, he gets everything, and no more short cuts, I'd rather walk through mud and gunk then have Kadyn go through this again. Thankfully the nursing staff allowed us to take him home and bath him normally instead of them cleaning it and thankfully he didn't need any stitches. I just wish this never happened, but accidents happen. The most important thing is that he is feeling good. Harvey even called off work to help watch after Kadyn tonight, or maybe he did because he didn't get to sleep at all. We have had a horrible week. Hopefully we can have a better next week.


Anonymous said...

Sweet little Kadyn! Hope he heals soon! :)