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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here and there.

Yesterday we went to the park. Although I have no pictures (forgot my camera! DOH!) It was beautiful out here. 70's, sunny and windy. Kadyn loves the wind, it makes him crack up! I took him down the slide, and his reaction was unsure, but he seemed to want to laugh. He would put his hand to his mouth which he does when he goes to laugh. It's too cute! Of course!

I am so excited to get our new house. We did the inspection yesterday and we were told that work that is needed on the house is all minor and I guess the current owners are going to pay for the work that is needed, and they are also going to fix something about the chimney. I wasn't paying attention as I was more worried about what color I am going to paint Kadyn's room! Yup that is what is most important to me. Kadyn finally having his own room again. Not that I don't like him in the same room but, he deserves to have his own room and not worry about listening to the TV in the middle of the night just so Mommy and Daddy can sleep. Yes, in order for me to fall asleep I normally need the TV on. Also when we get our house we are taking one of my sisters 8 dogs. She had asked us to take her German Shepard and we said we would as her and Korona got along great and played very well together. So we are going to take her and Harvey wants us to adopt another dog from the pound. 3 dogs? Well with us being out in the middle of nowhere, it'll probably feel safer for me since Harvey works midnights. (boo)

I really have no real topic on this at all haha so here are some pictures.

My handsome boy, of course his face has not healed yet, this was before he fell, but the swelling has gone down and his scraps just need to heal now!
My oldest cat Cocoa, sadly she won't be moving with us as she has lived her whole life at my parents house and it's only fair to her. I'll miss having her in bed with me!
Good ol Cougar, she will be going with us, since she has only lived here a year.

The two smallest dogs Dinker and Spaz are my parents dogs, they won't be going with us, but our wonderful Korona will be excited to have 5 acres of land to run around on. The great thing about Korona is I can let her out, the gate be wide open and she will not leave the yard at all! She is such a good dog now. She has really calmed down and she has really turned out to be an amazing dog. I took her to the park with me and she walked wonderfully with Kadyn and I. Alexa, her brother and her mom all came with us too and Korona didn't get too excited and I was a so proud. Korona is a shelter dog, all she needed was some time to adjust and patience. The only thing I need to break her of is her food selfishness. She is not aggressive but she doesn't like to share any food even if there are two separate bowls she will go back and forth. Which I am slowly but surely breaking her of this. I am just glad that she is turning out to be an amazing dog. Not to mention she loves kids and loves Kadyn. She has a thing for sniffing everybody's face.

Here is a picture of the house we bought!! I love it!

It's all about the potential you see in the house. So yes the kitchen needs updating, but that is something we can do at a later date. I plan on painting these metal shelves and make it look as good as I possibly can. The best part of this whole thing, is the appliances all stay! So we don't have to worry about that! They all look pretty brand new too!

Here is some of our land, it has 5.05 acres and most of it is woods but that is good because I see four wheeler trails and I see myself convincing my mom to let me take her four wheeler to store in our garage. Hopeful thinking! :D


Anonymous said...

The house is too cute! I love it! If you paint the cabinets a dark color and then paint a nice color on the walls it'd really look so well with the countertops and then all you need to do is replace the cabinet hardware!