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Friday, April 29, 2011

Time for Creativity

I am all about trying to put things people normally wouldn't put together. Colors, fabrics, patterns, clothing ect. I can be creative sometimes. As when it comes to our big new purchase of a house my mind is fluttering with ideas of different paints. The thoughts of the different colors that I could paint each room excites me, but the work to do do doesn't. I am not the best painter, thank goodness Harvey is, but I can see how I want things to look, the colors that will look good together to make our home....a home. Our living room and dining room are kind of the same room. So having two different colors would be ridiculous, but to set them off I could use one shade in the one area and another shade in the other. Or maybe I can one day hope that Harvey will build a wall to separate these two rooms. Kadyn's room which seems to be the most important room to me needs carpet, there is tile, like bathroom tile in that room. I don't understand that and I giggle at the thought of someone actually wanting bathroom tile in their bedroom. So I envision a dark brown carpet for his room, to make it look like the color of the land that dinosaurs once walked on, but this I am unsure of as I want Kadyn to have Blue and Green in his room. Our room I see a light calming tan, kind of like the color of dry sand. I have so many visions and I can not wait until we can put them to use! We have many ideas on the potential of this house, those that many who came to see the house couldn't see and passed up on this wondering opportunity. The wonderful fire place in the living room that also shows in the Den, which I believe we are thinking of turning the Den into a "formal" dining room. This I am unsure of. We have had thoughts about turning the garage into part of the house, by adding drywall or whatever Harvey said we would need to do this and make that a master bedroom with it's own bathroom. The ideas are flowing. We still have like 2 months before we can move in, by the time our loan is accepted and the sellers move out. So exciting though!