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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hospital Now

We finally got a diagnosis two weeks later there is something there and I knew it. Kadyn has Pneumonia. I am not excited about this at all but I am glad we can finally get it treated. His CRB also came back indication inflammation somewhere, so now they want Neurosurgery to tap his shunt and see if he has an infection. It's been over a year since his shunt has been touched and I never knew that it could still get infected. I am going to be very upset if this is the case. They also say his mouth could be the reason, which would make his Insurance approve his surgery right away to fix his teeth! Which would be amazing. Although this will require surgery and possibly a few days in the hospital he really needs his teeth pulled out. I hope we can make this happen. Kadyn is on a cocktail of antibiotics right now due to an ear infection and his Pneumonia. He has never had pneumonia before and when they told me he had it I got scared. She said that it's a small fluid pocket and they will treat it aggressively. So here we are, at children's hospital. I thought I could escape seeing Neurosurgery this time, but I guess not. There is a child with a shunt in the same room and it was nice seeing Neurosurgery not even come to our side of the room. It felt wonderful and the the Pediatrics ruined it for me by telling me his CRB came back with a high count and so that alerted them to call Neurosurgery since they are the ones who ordered it. What the crapola! So hopefully they will tap it just in case and then it will come out negative and we can move on with Kadyn's amazingly working shunt, that is a year old mind you.

So here we are, we just wait. Seems like that is all I have been doing it waiting. Harvey was up here but he had to go home and get some sleep, since he just returned to work they won't allow him to call off unless it's life or death situation right now and since Kadyn's doing fine, work he must do. He works midnights so he needs his sleep during the day. Although he did try sleeping here it didn't work too well with all the noises coming from the monitors and Kadyn being kinda irritated about something. Also with doctors in and out all the time it's hard to get any rest as it is. Seems like everyone just waits here, not to mention it's so hot in this room. You're either too hot ot too cold here. I'd rather it be too cold, I have a sweat for that one, but being too hot it horrible.

Well time to just wait and wait.