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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We are home

Although we were discharged, Kadyn still is not out of the woods with his Pneumonia, He has about 2 months of healing left a head of him, but at least he can do it at home. We also went to the dentist, Kadyn needs surgery on his mouth to remove some teeth and he needs some crowns and wait not. Thankfully he is off all medications and he has a newer better tooth brush and toothpaste from the dentist now. Now we wait for the surgery for his mouth, which I guess the waiting list is like 2 months or so. I have to make a appointment for his pediatrician to fill out a form to make sure he is healthy enough for surgery, and as long as his pneumonia is cleared up he will be healthy enough for it. So I can't wait to get his teeth fixed up so he can eat better, and possibly he will like to eat more.

Either way Kadyn is doing better, he is smiling and happy, and not as congested. He is on a strong antibiotic for 12 days and then hopefully his body will so do the rest. I am just glad that I wasn't crazy taking him all those times while he had to fever. I am glad we caught it before it got too bad. Kadyn is in the bedroom playing with his daddy right now. I have a bad headache today so I am laying on the couch watching the news and watching Alexa sleep. We plan a walk later, I plan for pictures.


Artistalight said...

I love you litle man :) I wish you be a great man! Sorry about my english, i write in spanish now:
Pequeño bebé te has robado mi corazón, rezaré por ti para que crezcas lleno de salud y alegría, Dios te bendiga a ti y a tus padres siempre. Un abrazo!