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Monday, May 16, 2011

Kadyn got a Hair Cut

Ok more like a hair shave, but he needed it. His hair was out of control long for a boy! So I shaved his head down to a 2. Yeah, it's rather short, but it gives me more time before I have to fight him to cut it again. I think it's awfully cute though and so does the rest of my family.

This Wednesday is Kadyn's ENT appointment. I am rather nervous because we have to schedule to get another procedure done on Mr. Kadyn. When does it end? When! It seems like if it's not his shunt it's something else. Although this is rather invasive, it still requires Kadyn to go to sleep for it. I am thankfully he will be just sedated though and I will be able to bring him home shortly after he gets the tubes in his ears. I am sure he will feel a lot better too when they drain the fluid on his ears.

Then we proceed to the oral surgery. The hardest part about this surgery is Kadyn must be FULLY 100% healthy in order to have it, because this is like a 2-3 hour long surgery with him under anesthesia. Not something I am looking forward to at all. I am unsure if we will be staying the night in the hospital that night or not, I won't know this until the night before, although I will pack a hospital bag for both procedures just in case. You never know when the doctor will feel like admitting you. Plus Neurosurgery will be following close with Kadyn during these procedures. Especially the oral surgery.

Kadyn is currently playing video games with his Daddy. They are having their own little conversation and Kadyn his kicking his daddy and so Kadyn is being blamed for the lose of game. I don't think it has anything to do with Kadyn ;D.

Also I did my Jillian work out today. I actually got through the whole video. There is only one part of the exercise that is hard for me, but I almost made it through that. I went to go walk but it started raining so I made dinner instead. Nothing like Ramen Noodle Soup and a grilled cheese on a cool spring day. :D


Nayara Joplin said...

Oh my God, he's huge! Still here, from Brazil following the evolution of kadyn, and hoping that everything goes well in this new surgery! I loved her short hair even though I loved them long! Brazilian kisses with positivity!