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Friday, May 13, 2011

My son is a ladies man!

Or so, everyone likes to think, but as his mom, I like to think he is just my man :D.

Today we went for a nice stroll in the park. It was wonderful! I have been working out lately. I do Jillian Michaels Shred it with Kettle bells. There are 2 levels. I am still on level one, I tend to get tired easily, but I try and push through it. I am unsure if I have actually lost weight or not, since I haven't checked in a week. I am waiting to buy a new digital scale, I can't tell where the needle is at on the non digital ones. So next week I will spoil myself, or maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Depends. I don't use the kettle weight that she uses, I bought a pack of 2 kettle bells, one is 5lbs and the other is 10lbs. I figured since they were the push ups ones also that it would be hitting 3 birds with one stone. I want to start out small with the 5lb, master the moves and then move on the the 10lbs. Jillian Michaels is no joke, she is a nut when it comes to working out. She also has push ups in the work out so, this made is easier, and I can do the regular work outs with them too. So there are my 3 birds! :D. My friend Aimee showed me this, and she has gotten amazing results, so much that it makes me jealous!

So here I go getting myself back into shape. I want to be down to at least a size 5! If I do that I'll be the happiest girl in the world! I think I'll have more energy too and be able to be a better mom if I am more in fit!

After I am done with my work out, I do a bit of house work to kinda cool off. I know I should shower but I usually go for a walk at the park after and I get all sweaty and nasty again, so shower before the park is pretty much pointless, Ill just have to shower again, which is wasting soap and water! Then when I get home I am pretty much exhausted. Sometimes I may scurry in some laundry but it's normally, Kadyn to bed, me in the shower then nighty night. I am lucky that I don't fall asleep in the shower! (haha)

We put in for the loan on our new house, hopefully we get it. They don't see why not at all. Our closing date is still set for May 31st, but according to the realtor, that can always change. Which is fine. After the loan is approved, the owners (which would no longer own it of course) have 30 days to move out. We are hoping they don't use all 30 days so we can get in there and paint. Kadyn's room needs carpet. The good part is they asked to sell us their bedroom set. Heck ya! So I believe we are going to buy it. We will put the bed we are using now in Kadyn's room incase he is sick or has a bad night of seizures. This way one of us can be in the room sleeping with him. The rooms are big, so there shouldn't be a problem with that. We are also thinking about turning the garage into a room of some sort. It is attached to the house, and Harvey is very handy and would now how to do these things. We are hoping to maybe add a 4th bedroom that can be our office/work out room for us. Although that is down the line. Also the heat in this house, is a boiler. I never seen or heard of those in my life. The VA loan officer said they will allow us to take out $6,000 more on our loan to replace that with a furnace. Not to mention the boiler is kind of in the way. So that is something we will need to do before winter. The kitchen also needs updating, but it's nothing that needs to be done right away. All appliances stay, which is amazing and will save us money and installing them! All the appliances are like brand new too, wish there was a dishwasher though! But I guess I'll have to become the dishwasher.

Well I guess I should get going, I have a long day tomorrow :D


Wanita said...

Hi Sara
I came across your you tube videos and blog tonight for the first time. Wow you guys have been through much. I will keep you all in my prayers and will keep following your blog. Kadyn is so beautiful. You are a shining star in my book.
Blessings to you all.