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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cougar getting into trouble!

So Cougar decided it would be a grand idea to run past my dad and go outside for a day and a half. She didn't know how worried and upset I was over this. I was thankful that she decided to come home at 10pm, although worried because she had a horrible limp. Not to mention I had found her collar in the street so I was worried she may of been hit by a car. So, the next morning we went to the vet!

She was so not liking the Vet after they stapled her elbow shut.

So we went, Harvey stayed with Kadyn and I took Alexa with me. I was so worried about Cougar, although she remained calm and didn't seem to mind too much being at the vet. After almost 2 hours of waiting we are finally called back. This is when Alexa had enough and the Vet decided she would take Cougar and examine her. They found a huge bite on her elbow. She explained how Cougar would need a staple because if it's a cat bite it may get infected. She would also need to get antibiotics and a pain patch. 

This is her staple on her elbow

This is her pain patch, so yeah she has a bald spot on her side haha!
 After a few days at home she had to go back because the other side of her wound busted open. So they shaved her leg again then stapled it with two staples. Thank goodness they didn't charge me. Maybe it was because I talked about Kadyn's condition and educated them a little bit on it.
She sleeps like this all the time! She was worth it all!

So now we come to Kadyn. He is so cranky. He is also running a fever now but I believe it is due to having a couple shots. Although this is him today and I was able to snap him smiling. Although today has been mostly a frustrating day for him and I we have gotten through it. He has Tylenol in his system and is feeling much better.

 I also wanted to share this beautiful sky shot I got with you guys. This is in Holland, OH. I love the way the sun light outlines the clouds. It is soo amazing!