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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Doctors Appointment

Kadyn saw his Pediatrician today. He needed his physical done in order for him to get his dental surgery July 8th. Kadyn was very good. He was happy and amazed his doctor on how big he has gotten. She looked him over and the only thing she saw that his diaper rash was not really a diaper rash but a yeast infection. She said that if the cream doesn't take care of it we may have to switch diapers or wipes because sometimes certain diapers cause yeast infections.

We also decided to try and give Kadyn two shots. Although I am not a huge believer in shots, we decided on the Meningitis shot and his Hep A shot. I told her no others. He didn't even flinch when she poked him. No flinch, no cry no whine. He smiled, and then laughed. The nurse asked me if he was okay. She was confused, just as I was. Although I wasn't being poked, I felt the needles going into my legs. MY heart hurt for him, although he didn't even hurt. He was fine up until night time, that is when he was in pain. Tylenol couldn't control his pain. He may also itch from his infection.

He is all set for July 8th to have his surgery. Although I am unsure if his surgery is going to be same day or an over night stay. I asked the lady at the front desk and she said most are same day but it depends. I think I may fight to stay one night because if he is in pain he can't have anything other than rectal Tylenol and I really don't think Tylenol is going to cut it for him. I have time to mention these things. Kadyn has no more appointments until after his surgery! Thankfully!

Everything good is on this end. Kadyn is learning new sounds and words. He is repeating many different sounds and mimicking a lot. He knows how to snort now too.It's soo funny! He also is moving a lot and rolling a lot more. We are also putting him in a program called Project Find. His Pediatrician recommended he be in a special needs preschool, she said she thinks he would benefit more with an all day program. I don't think I will. My heart sunk when she mentioned that. She said they would work with him on his sitting up, talking, and muscles. She also mentioned that she no longer believes that Kadyn has low muscle tone, but she said that Kadyn just doesn't make sense, but it's ok. She really can not explain why he is so flexible. I kind of giggled when she said he doesn't make sense because it's so true. When most kids are sick as can be they are down and want to be cuddled, Kadyn continues to have bursts of energy and would rather be left alone to roll, kick, yell loudly, and be happy. When his shunt is failing, you can not tell, he is the same, happy go lucky and things don't matter. He can chew on his toes and he doesn't bend his knees when that happens! It's amazing. He gets poked twice and does not cry, or even make a noise. He gets blood drawn, no cry. I mean I don't think he feels pain! I mean as much as it's a good thing I am afraid it really isn't. Although Kadyn does get upset when his head hurts, so maybe that is the only pain he feels.


Kristen said...

I just wonder how tough these little kiddos really are. I think pain is their way of life and their tolerance of it might be at a higher threshold than the average person's. They knew pain right from the start, with IV's, blood draws, surgeries, etc. I know Cayman can feel pain, but on several accounts she has amazed us at what she will encounter and go on without seeming it phased her. Once, her head collided with Mike's knee. She had a rather large bump from it. But she never cried. Barely showed much reaction even. The only reason the bump on her head was found was because Mike searched her over, knowing the impact was rather hard, and he wanted to make sure she was okay. But funny girl never cried! And she's the same way as what you describe Kadyn to be with shunt failures. We don't always pick up on the signs initially because she holds her baseline so well until things get real bad. Then it's real bad, real fast! Scary!

Sue Z said...

I'm so happy that you have found a preschool program for him. I have worked as an OT in a similar type program and you don't have to worry ... without exception, the people who work in these programs love the kiddos nearly as much as you do ... and it will do him soooo much good ... and you too because there will be others working to help him too and maybe able to give you some pointers of things you can work on with him (and maybe you can give THEM some pointers!). I know it will be hard for you to let him go but it will be so good for him and maybe you can volunteer in his school. I know that our school always welcomes volunteers ... you can never have too many helpers!!