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Monday, June 27, 2011


Last Wednesday after Kadyn's appointment I came home to my niece and nephew being there. That was nice because I do not get to see them too often. They are quite young and hyper. It's so hilarious watching them. My niece is a screamer, well of course, she is 2 years old. She screams and laughs like a little witch. It's too cute! 

My nephew is a dork! (hehe) He is 5 years old and he likes to do silly things. Below he is sitting on a bumbo seat and putting a bib on that says "I love my Auntie". When he is here, It's always AUNTIE SARA, LOOK. WATCH THIS. LOOK WHAT I CAN DO. Auntie SARA! I love it!

And of course, look how huge Alexa is now. It's hard to believe when I first started watching her, she was this tiny fragile baby and now, she crawls and talks and eats food! Snacks are puffs and toast. (Ect) bottles are not as wanted as before. Her favorite baby foods are sweet potatoes and she is pulling herself up and walking along furniture. It's been amazing watching her grow!

Of course through all the fun, Kadyn slept. He had a long day that day. He had his ENT appointment. So he actually came home and went straight to bed, he slept until 11pm, and then went back to sleep around midnight till 4am.

Kadyn is going to go spend time with his Nana today. (Harvey's mom) We are taking the boat out on the Detroit River to watch the Target fireworks. As long as we don't get rained out. We do have some storms coming out way, but hopefully they miss. I think for the kiddos today I am going to fill the pool up and let them swim in it. More so Alexa that Kadyn since Kadyn will probably have a sleepy day today if there are storms coming.