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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fishing Fail

We wanted to go fishing today but that ended up failing. We didn't realize that the river that we wanted to go to was still overflowed and the park was pretty much flooded. We still tried but all we caught were sticks and rocks. So we took off to try else where and by the time we got there it was way too cold for Kadyn. So we headed home.

Alexa was super good today. She climbed and crawled and I got her to follow me whenever I need to leave the room. I made it into a game. I am still learning on how to care for a non special needs child, It's taking a lot of patience out of me, which is something I have never had even as a small child. So I have been trying.

Kadyn learned a new word! (YAY) HE says Stop. Well he says it Sthhhhop, but he still says it. He repeats EVERYTHING! It's amazing. He is really starting to be verbal. I love it! He now can say 10 words. It's amazing. Once he learns a word or a noise he will constantly say it. Like he just learned how to snort, kinda like a pig. He learned on accident really, but once he did it, he tried everything to make that noise again until he made it, and now it seems that it's all he does is snort. He also constantly makes many different noises and talks in his own baby talk all day long. He is always making noise. It's very rare that he is silent! I love it! Even in his sleep, he snores haha! He will also sneeze and laugh then try and sneeze again and again, mimicking the noise he made. Coughing is something he loves to do also, once he coughs a little he will fake cough for an hour and crack up over it. He is sooo funny! He amazes me more and more every day! :D I can't believe here soon he will be 4 years old! WOW!