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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Visitors This Month

I am so excited! We are having visitors this month! Ashley and her son Zayvier. Zayvier also have hydrocephalus. It will be nice to be with someone around my age who is going through the same thing. How amazing!! He is such an amazing little guy and look how adorable he is! I am not sure when this month, but she and her handsome boy are coming here to meet Kadyn and I! :D

I'll be sure to keep posted and I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures! :D

Harvey and I are planning another fishing trip with our little Kadyn! :D More pictures to come!!! :D How exciting!!!


rebecca free said...

I wouldLOVEto meet her too...notto intrude or totally invite myself along or ;) but I'm just say'n we should have a "special" mommas day: )