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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Frustrated and going out of my mind

Kadyn won't sleep, the baby across the hall is screaming, and the lady next door is yacking on her phone like it's not 130am. I just can't take this. Lack of sleep for me is catching up to me, and making me debating going home. Although I won't leave of course, Kadyn can't take care of himself, but it sounds nice. Sleeping a full nights sleep, resting in my own bed. Sigh. :( I don't know when the last time it was that I was able to sleep through the night. I dislike hospitals. I really do.


jakiella said...

I'm so sorry to learn that Kadyn is back in the hospital. While I have never known anyone with your sons condition, I have spent my fair share of months in the hospital. I just have to say that you are a great Mom, and that yes it is quite alright to be peeved at fellow inmates/hospital guests. When I was finally released from ICU my Mum stayed in the hospital with me in those noisy/uncomfortable chairs too. It made me appreciate her all the more for staying and taking care of me (as the hospital staff wasn't very helpful). Although Kadyn's too young to appreciate it and express it in words, I'm sure he appreciates you being there.

In an earlier post you commented on how the hospital doctors said your son was looking better even though they had never seen him before...o_O I've received those comments too during my stays. I wonder if its some sort of calming canned response when things aren't life threatening?

In any case hang in there. I hope Kadyn gets to go home soon and hopefully he'll get to see some fireworks and celebrate the 4th at home. Crossing my fingers for you.



Michelle said...

i spent a week in neurosurgical ICU last month & it was AMAZING! my own room, individual nurses... it's totally the way to go. they were doing an ICP (intracranial pressure) monitor to make sure my shunt is working correctly and it required around-the-clock care - next time in need a revision i'm gonna BEG my neurosurgeon to find a way to get me back in the NeuroICU! you should ask Kadyn's doctor next time if it's a possibility for him to be in the PICU or something... so much better than typical wards. ;-)