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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Nothing beats this face! Look at it. :). I love him! Today is Kadyn's birthday party. Ok well it's only midnight and I swear I should be asleep. I have a long day when I wake up. I have to set his party up at a park. It's a beautiful park, but it will be a first of me putting on a party at a park. I am happy to have it at a park. There are grilles there and there are trees to cover the area and a huge play area. I am also bringing 300 water balloons! I have gone crazy! (haha) My sister is once again making Kadyn's cake! I am glad. She loves doing that stuff! Kadyns theme this year is Army. It represents him and his daddy well I guess haha!  I know his birthday party is a month later, but we had to due to his surgeries.

:D Wish me luck!


Kristen said...

Here it's beautiful and sunny. Hope it's the same for you guys up there. And hopefully not too hot. Happy partying!!