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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Photo Session!

I was browsing one day and found this amazing site! It truly is the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time! The site is called Inspiration Through Art. I decided to fill out an application for Kadyn. I received the best news ever yesterday! We were approved! We are going to get professional pictures donated to us! How amazing. I feel like I could fly I am so Happy! To have someone else capture amazing moments for me is just...plain amazing. I am unsure when this is going to happen as I am waiting to hear back from the photographer, but I'll keep you all updated on this. I think it's amazing how much is out there to help parents of special needs children, or as the website likes to call them, Heroes. Which I believe all special needs children are heroes. I know they are my hero. Kadyn for sure is my hero.

I feel truly blessed to live with two heroes and to have a father as a hero. Kadyn, for all her goes through is my hero, Kadyn's Daddy Harvey, for serving our country, for being over in Afghanistan away from his family for over a year, my Dad for serving in Vietnam, and for all his health issues he has had. My dad as many may not know is a cancer survivor. He doesn't look at himself that way, or a hero. He had prostate cancer when I was around 12 or 13 years old. I remember it being close to Christmas when we were told this. My dad is a survivor and a hero!

Harvey and I put an offer on another house. It's in the city, which isn't what we truly wanted but it's a start. We just can't afford to deal with the costs of living in the country right now. Especially since most have septic systems which we do not really want to mess with anymore after going through everything we went through.The offer was accepted by the sellers but we are waiting for the offer to be accepted by the bank, which could take 30-60 days. So now we wait. This house is actually right down the street from my grandma. Which will be nice.