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Friday, August 26, 2011

Everything I do, I do it for you!

The plan for Kadyn's not pooping issues is going to go like this. Thank you Michelle for the wonderful advice! Kadyn did go to the bathroom today, I was relieved, and he most likely was a bit more relieved than me. (lol) So I decided to go with a few days worth of enimas and some magnesium citrate. Also because Kadyn will need a lot of fluids, I will be purchasing him some Keto friendly poweraid in Orange flavor. I know he loves the orange flavored Pedialyte, but he can only have that for 24 hours, although i'm thinking if he will drink that better and he goes to the bathroom. maybe it would be better to try and risk it. Oh the pros and cons need to be weighed. The way I see it, if I don't get him cleared out he is going to end up having seizures anyways from the added stress on his body.

Here is Alexa, I have been watching her for almost a year now. Nov 1st will be a year. It's been fun watching her grow up. She is such a cutie! :D It's funny how everyone says she looks like me, and then they are so surprised when I tell them that I am just the babysitter!!
Here is Alexa's brother Wyatt. I have been watching him  for the week until Monday when he goes to his new babysitter. It was nice to watch him, but it will also be nice to go back to normal. Although I did tell Nicole that I would watch him if she wanted when we got our new house. Right now there is just no room for me to watch him here, with living with my parents and all, I told her it would just be best. She is considering it. If I watch both of them, this will give me enough money to be able to stay at home and now worry about getting a part time job. :D
I had a long, but wonderful week. Although I need to ask everyone a favor. Can you please send prayers over to Harvey and his Papa's way. Harvey's Papa was hurt badly at work. It was looking bad for awhile, but he is healing and getting better. Although they are worried about an enzyme in his blood work that can cause him to go into cardiac arrest. So they need to get that under control. His Papa was pinned between two steel coils at work. He needed stitches in his hands but other than that he is otherwise injury free. He was intubated for a day but that was just in case he broke anything or had any kind of internal bleeding that was serious for surgery. He did have some internal bleeding but it wasn't serious and it healed itself. I just hope he gets better. Harvey is really upset over this because him and his Papa are super close. I know his heart hurts but Harvey doesn't show emotions very well. We are going tomorrow to go see him. So hopefully this will help some.


Kristen said...

Will certainly keep Harvey and his Papa in my prayers. A very hard thing to go through.