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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Really, when it rains it really does pour!

I have a feeling Kadyn's shunt is not working like it should be. I have a feeling that he has something more than an ear infection going on. He is really quiet, in a lot of pain that motrin or tyenol won't even touch, he also is not eating very good at all. This has been going on for a few days now. He has also been running low grade fevers, which that could be from the infection. I just have never seen Kadyn in this much pain ever before! I'm torn on what to do. Should I give it time and see whats going on, or should I take him to get it checked out? Once in awhile I'll get a smile and a clap from him, but he normally just lays there tossing his head back and forth and his lips are closed. He hardly has been speaking at all, and Kadyn normally is non stop talking and babbling. I just am so confused on what to do. Kadyn's hydrocephalus confused not only me but his doctors too. :(

Maybe he just needs better pain control. :(


Kristen said...

You have spoken of how sensitive he is to the weather. I know it's far away but is it possible that the atmosphere is different even here due to Hurricane Irene? The season is beginning to change as well.

Michelle said...

if he's shaking his head, get him checked out. i have a shunt & have experienced issues with it, and that's what i do sometimes subconsciously if i'm in pain. i also clench my jaw.

better safe than sorry, especially because an infected shunt is extremely serious & a blockage or other malfunction is also serious.

casey said...

I would take him. Especially since he is running a fever. It is better for you to take him to the hospital and find out that it is something else, than for you to wait and not take him, and things get worse. Praying that it is something minor.