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Friday, August 12, 2011

It's been a little while

Things have been busy. Babysitting and summer fun things, I just haven't had much time for blogging. Everything is good though. Kadyn is doing amazingly well. He is a happy boy. He loves going on the boat and enjoys being played with now. Before he liked being left alone but now he will cry out for attention. Oh, how that makes me smile. He is growing, getting longer, but not chubbier.

We are waiting on the bank to approve out offer on the house right now, 60-90 days it will take. It's just a long waiting period that I don't like, but it could be worse. We could not have a roof over out head right now. So I am thankful for everything.

I am also thankful that Kadyn has managed to stay out of the hospital for awhile now. He has not had any shunt issues in over a year and that it amazing. I have no complaints. Except lack of sleep and heartburn is kicking my butt, but nothing a little medication and a weekend of sleep wont fix.

I do have good news. Harvey's work hours are changing. He works midnights 11pm-7am. He is staying on midnights but Monday and Tuesday he is going to work from 7pm-7am, and the Wednesday and Thursday he is going to work 11pm-7am and have Friday Saturday Sunday off. I love it! We will have the same days off now! Well I work on Fridays but I am sure he will want to work with out neighbor Shawn on that day, but we will have Saturday and Sundays off thankfully!! It's so exciting!