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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kadyn Loves the Boat now!

Kadyn loves being on our boat now. I am glad! He thinks it's funny now! I guess he needed to just get used to it.

(Also Kadyn is feeling much better from yesterdays seizure, his sugar levels dropped and he woke up very happy)

We went tubing the other day, of course Kadyn didn't go on the tube as I didn't want to risk him falling off or trying to roll off. He can not be in Lake water due to the tubes in his ears. We took my niece and nephew and her friend tubing. They had a blast!
Good Ol Lake Belleville. During the weekdays there is close to no one on this Lake. Which is nice for me, because if Harvey wants to go tubing I am more comfortable driving the boat. We always have a good time! :D


LCarvalho said...

I love his face in the last picture, sooo FUNNY!! :D