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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My head is just full

I dislike debating on going to the hospital or not. I dislike debating and wondering if it's his shunt or if it's something else. Weather perhaps? He screams, like a screech. I have been meaning to get these "meltdowns" on video, but when he is having them, I am not thinking about taping it. Although I should. I have been taking his temp since last Sunday (8-21) and he has had no temp below 99.2. Although it's a low grade fever and most likely due to his ear infection, he has had it for over a week. I have done everything in case his "meltdowns" are pain or headaches. Perhaps migraine? I have even broke his "no sugar" rule due to his diet, and tried giving him Motrin. Nothing seems to work. I just have to let him cry it out while holding his hand or rubbing his hands legs or hair. Usually this will take anywhere from 1-3 hours. Sometimes it will be an on and off thing all day, and when he isn't throwing these tempers, he is either sleeping, or just quiet. He is not talking as much anymore, and this could all be because of the change of weather. Although he has never acted like this before, maybe this is a bit of normalcy for us. Kadyn is my 4 year old who is at a 6mo level. So he can't tell me he hurts, he can only cry. I am hoping when he starts his special school, things will get a little easier. Plus with someone else working with him as much as I have, maybe they will help me in a sense, of making these decisions. I don't go to Harvey because he was gone for a year, and on top of that, he works/sleeps. It's all he does pretty much. Darn Midnight shifts!!!

Tomorrow I have to go pick up Kadyn's formula. Ahh the monthly mandatory trips to the hospital lol. I wish they would deliver but because WIC provides the formula I have to go pick it up.