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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recipe :D

Step 1: Bowl Garden Noodles.( the green, yellow and orange ones)

Step 2: Drain noodles, wash with cold water, put in a bowl!
Step 3: Cut up Cherry tomatoes
Step 4: Add Cherry tomatoes to the pasta, stir them in

Step 5: Slice up Olives, or buy presliced olives.
Step 6: Add olives.

Step 7: Add Cheese and Italian Dressing and Salad Supreme

Let chill in the fridge For one box of pasta, I used one can of olives, 1 and half bags of cheese crumbles, a thing of tomatoes and one bottle of Italian dressing, and add the Salad Supreme seasoning (not pictured) as taste.

I made this Pasta salad for Kadyn;s birthday party. It was amazing! You can add any veggies you like. I am not a fan of many of the veggies that people would add. I honestly don't even like tomatoes.

Enjoy!! :D


LCarvalho said...

mmmmm... Looks YUMMMYY!!!

Maria said...

Dear Sara,

I write from Spain. Just wanted to tell you that I pray for Kadyn every night.I check your blog from time to time just to know how he's doing.
The birthday cake is amazing!!
Thanks for the recipe. Do love pasta salads ;-)