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Friday, August 5, 2011



I am sad. Kadyn had  a seizure today. We were doing so good. I should be thankful that he isn't having them as often, but it just breaks my heart when he has them. He started off staring out in the space, which is something he normally does, then he threw up a little and then he started to seize. I quickly ran and got his Diazapam and got that in him. His seizure lasted 3 minutes. He had a large bowl movement and then he passed out. Right now his whole right side is paralyzed, which after a seizure is normal. So I am going to let him sleep it off and then off to the hospital we go. I perfer to let him sleep this one off though. What a way to start the weekend, but it's all good. It could be worse. :D


Lacy said...

Poor guy, that is no fun!! Hope he starts feeling better. :)

Anonymous said...

He has gone through so much. It truly is not fair. I hope he's feeling better.

Jan H.

Jennifer said...

Poor guy! Hope he's ndoing better soon!