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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gotta love that smile

 Nothing beats looking at this smile. I love it so much! He is just the happiest guy in the world!
 Kadyn's sleeping positions never seem to amaze me. He gets comfy any old way
 Had to wear winter jammies the past few days, as it's been cooold!
Kadyn seems to like wearing his Ketocal. I am always catching him with his food all over his face! 

Although right now Kadyn is trying to cope with the rainy weather we have had here, things have been good. I mean I can't really complain. No seizures, and it's been 1year and 5 months since his last shunt surgery. We are also closing on our house by October, or at least we hope so. We just want to move!!!


LCarvalho said...

It would'n be Kadyn if there wasn't milk all over his face :)
But I got a doubt (about the last post), can LPA help Kadyn(and other people) somehow, or it's just for unborn hydro babies??