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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our House

So since that other house fell through since the sellers had no intentions of working with us. We walked away from it and it truly broke my heart, but I guess it just was not ment to be. So we searched for something with less work. Actually we found something that needs NO WORK. Maybe some paint to make it OUR own but other than that, nothing more. We had the appraisal done and, oh how I love the pictures I get from it. So I am going to share them while Alexa is distracted by puffs and Kadyn is behaving and not throwing a fit. So, here they are :D

This is the front view of our house. Look a little girl is in the door. Thats the sellers little one!

The side view int he back yard. 
Our covered patio
Living room. Love the bay window!
Our tiny kitchen. 
Master bedroom. 
Another bedroom
What will be Kadyns bedroom
The bathroom. I love this bathroom. 
Finished basement, with a glimpse of the bar.
The toliet. Looks like someone pottied in it before the picture was taken. hmm, 

So this house is wonderful. Not to mention it's around the block from my grandma. I knew when I first saw this house, that it was it. There was no need to look at the other ones! Although we did because we had already had it set up. Harvey liked another house but it needed a lot of work. The person took everything except the kitchen sink, literally.

I got Kadyn's paper work in for his schooling. We have a meeting to go to Wednesday the 28th at either 9 or 10am. She is mailing the paper work to me so I can know and sign things. Ahh, boo.


Colette said...

Your new house looks wonderful! I wish you all a very happy and healthy future in your new home!! You wont know yourself having your own space,,there;s something very special opening your front door with your own key the first time, its a wonderful feeling!! Good luck! :)

LCarvalho said...

What. A. House.

Kristen said...

Oh wow, your house looks amazing! Even most of the paint colors aren't so bad. Very nice to find a move in ready home! I am so happy for you!