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Monday, September 26, 2011

What a weekend

This weekend was a good weekend. I got to have a bit of a break from Kadyn, since my mom knew how stressed I was with everything going on right now. Between babysitting, and Kadyn starting school and moving soon, my stress level was beyond anything it's ever been before. So I originally asked Harvey if we could go camping this weekend and to Cedar Point like we did last year. He agreed that we should take one last vacation before we officially purchase our home.

So I actually had my sister Dana, who lives in Washington, MI, which is about an hour north of us, she was going to watch Kadyn. She hardly gets to see Kadyn has she works and has two young children herself. Her oldest is just starting kindergarten and he really adores Kadyn. He is always excited about Kadyn coming over, but she knows better than to mention it, because she won't hear the end of "Is Kadyn coming today?" Is he coming yet?" (haha) Well my sister ended up getting sick so I decided and my mom decided it would be best for my mom to watch him. I normally don't ask her because she babysits my sisters kids all week long and I feel bad, but she brought it up to me and so I agreed. My sister will be taking Kadyn this Saturday because we have a wedding to go to. After the wedding Harvey and I are going to go out and then pick Kadyn up Sunday to go to the apple orchard. Then after that, Kadyn should be starting school.

So Harvey and I went to camp KOA Sandusky. We were going to rough it with a tent. The weather wasn't suppose to be that cold, rainy but we decided we better go since we already made the reservations. If anything at least it would be a peaceful retreat. We got there and I had to drive all the way there. I have never drove that far in my life! Sad I guess. haha. Harvey had to register us and the nice lady gave us a cabin instead for just $3 more a night. Cabins are usually $20 more a night then what we paid for our tent spot. We gladly took it because we had brought a heater with us. It was much more comfortable and it was almost like having a small studio home, minus a kitchen and bathroom, but we were placed right next to the bathrooms/showers. We were not able to cook dinner as it poured that night so we went to Ruby Tuesdays. Then since Lion King was my all time favorite Disney movie and still is, I HAD to see it in 3D. Which was amazing. Shortly after that ended, we were exhausted. Harvey had worked all night the night before and stayed up packing his things. I had everything else packed including my bags, our food and the cooler and it was all in the car. So we went to bed and woke up around 9:30am. We decided since it would be a grand idea to cook breakfast, because Cedar Point didn't open until noon. So we cooked Bacon and Eggs, over the fire. That was interesting. We made them into wraps and it was YUMMMMY!  So then off to Cedar Point we went. We rode all the rides and had a good time. We talked a lot which is something we have hardly done with everything going on. It made me feel like our relationship blossomed a bit. It was a lot of fun going through the haunted houses there and seeing the costumes.

When we got back we were both hungry, so we fired up the fire and I made Country Ribs, Potatoes and corn on the cob. It was sooo good! We cooked everything on the fire. Shortly after dinner we roasted a few marshmallows then bedtime! We had to get up early to head home.

When we got home the next morning, Kadyn was napping. So we napped! It was nice to nap. I missed my little monkey butt so much. I was so happy to be back home with him.

Well he is sleeping now so perhaps I should be too. I will post pictures in the next post as honestly, I am too lazy to get up and go get my camera. lol